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Welcome to Books, Bitches.

Hello, m’ladies. The reason I want to start “Books, Bitches” is to bring my long-distance (and close distance) friends together so we can all keep in touch and hopefully read some interesting books (…but ya don’t have to take MY word for it… doot doot DOOT!) So, if you know anyone else who might be interested in joining, just send ’em this link! It’s free to sign up with WordPress. Free!

The plan is to meet online on this sexy-ass forum, biweekly to start it off. If this becomes a “reg” thing in our lives, then we can reorganize our meeting times. For now, let’s just meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month. What time of day, do you ask? I assume most of your posts might be written after work time (cuz you’re all sssssuch diligent workers,right?) and since we’re all in different time zones, I didn’t want to set anything in stone as far as meeting time. We’ll see how it goes for now. So really, you can post anytime Wednesday, at your own pace throughout the day. Of course, feel free to add your comments any day of the week, at any hour, with any reason.

The first official meeting is February 1st. From now until that day, try to come up with 2 book titles you might be interested to read (and short descriptions of each) and post them here, with a quick intro of yourself (name + location + profession + etc). On Feb 1st we can vote on what the first book SHALL BE!
When that’s been determined, go out to your local library or book store (R.I.P. Borders ::pours out a bit of a 40 oz.:: ) and read at least 2 chapters and bring 2 questions/comments for discussion durring the next meeting.
MOST IMPORTANTLY: feel free to “bitch” about whatevah you liiiiiike guurl.
Thanks for all the email responses already, and I look forward to the books and the bitching!  Mwwak!
I leave you with some classic Levar Burton: 
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