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First Book: BOSSY PANTS by Tina Fey

What’s that you say? It was a tie? But why was Bossy Pants chosen?

Yep. It was a tie at 23.53% for both Bossy Pants and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children… so I chose the OBVIOUS problem solving technique by which one should make every difficult life decision… I flipped a coin. BUT NOT JUST ANY COIN, mein freundens! I downloaded the Free Heads or Tails app and flipped a virtual, non-biased coin. Heads= Bossy Pants, Tails= Miss Peregrine’s. B. Pants for the win. Perhaps we will read the runner up after next round of book voting.

[WebClip: Tina Fey as Sarah Palin]

Your task now is to um well read it. (I’m seeing it pretty cheap, $8.79 + FREE SHIPPING at Originally I was thinking we would take it two chapters at a time per biweekly blog post, but I realized that once people get into a book, it’s hard to put it down. And ya know what? This is a BOOK club, so we gotta READ BOOKS, yo. So here’s my proposal: At minimum, try to read at least half of the book for the discussions we’ll be having exactly one fortnight from now. If you can’t help but read the whole book, go for it, and mention that you completed it in your posts next time. We should get a good gauge for how quickly everyone is reading by then.

After you’ve read half the book, jot down two questions, comments, or relative weblinks for discussion and don’t forget to bitch about something every so often.

I’ll start the initial bitching 😛 …so I just started my new job a week and a half ago and I work in a cube under florescent lights where no one else really talks much at all durring the entire day. It’s driving me crazy! Apparently the sound of chomping banana chips is too loud for some people. I’m thinking of ways to entertain myself by being passive aggressive with noise and anti-cubicle behavior. (Also, our signage of a blurry rock-climber reminds me of a tampon commercial). –FIN!


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