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Which book should we read first?

Hay GURRRLS! It’s time to work oooout that index finger and click to vote! If you’re not sure which book to choose, the descriptions are in the pervious post.

We’ll leave the voting open till our next meeting, February 15th. So, just think of it as your Valentine gift to yourself– a vote, and then a new book when the voting is complete. (I know… srsly… que romantica…) (sarcasm)

So, to add a little spicy salsa to this week’s post, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, let’s share our best ~Love~ quotes/lyrics/poems/youtube links in a comment, whether it be in the style of “Ah, l’amour” or “Alanis Morissette” or both!

Cheers, ladies! To pages and rages!


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